If you want to...
Button your pants without holding your breath
WOW your friends at a special event
Feel more comfortable with your body on vacation
Have the body that reflects your time in the gym and eating well
Focus on yourself for 1 hour a week
Prepare yourself for the holidays
​then Body Contouring is for YOU!
“This technology is fact, not fiction.”
~ Elizabeth Tanzi,M.D. on the Dr. Oz
How does Body Contouring work?
First, the ultrasonic waves target fat cells and create a pore in the cell membrane. As the fat cells open, their contents release and are then used as energy or flushed out of the body by way of the lymphatic system. The benefits of this treatment can typically be seen right away in a reduction in the area's circumference. Ultrasound has been used for over 60 years, with no adverse effects to the surrounding tissue or organs.
Radio Frequency waves then create controlled heat to the area, causing the fat to essentially liquefy and pass through the cell membrane so it becomes a burnable source to the body, just like a fatty meal. It is then naturally processed through the lymphatic system and eliminated through the liver and kidneys over the following several days. In addition, radiofrequency boosts the body's collagen regeneration to result in skin tightening as well as improved appearance of scars and stretch marks.
Vickie — Body Treatments in Scottsdale, AZ
Following each session, our clients have the opportunity to use the Full Body Vibration Platform, which jump starts the metabolism and stimulates the lymphatic system to process and eliminate the released fat during your treatment.

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CBC is proud to have been one of the first in the Valley to offer the use of BOTH Ultrasonic & Radiofrequency Technology for a truly non-invasive, absolutely ​painless way to reduce that stubborn fat while tightening skin!

“As an active 27 year old woman, I eat healthy and am very active with my workouts. I just have not been able to get rid of my extra fat. Going under the knife was not an option for me. After feeling like my belly fat and love handles were hereditary, I decided to try the services at Custom Body Contour of Scottsdale. It has been amazing! My skin is tighter, smoother and flat! My love handles are gone as well. My clothes fit so much better and I feel amazing about the way I look! The technicians were great and understood exactly what I wanted. I highly recommend care at Custom Body Contour of Scottsdale.”
“The results from my first treatment were incredible. When the treatment was finished I thought my jeans felt a little looser but I thought maybe it was just my imagination. So, when I got home I tried on a pair of shorts that were a bit snug in the same areas a few days earlier and I noticed they also fit looser. I couldn't believe that I actually saw such noticeable results after just one treatment. I am so looking forward to the next!”
“I have received 3 abdominal treatments and 1 treatment on my “love handles”. I have lost almost 2″ on my waist and have a new found motivation to eat cleaner and workout. I have 3 more scheduled treatments for my stomach region and 2 more for my lower back. I can't wait to see my final results. This is painless, relaxing time just for me to be the best I can be. I am totally impressed with the results from this treatment and would recommend it to anyone considering it.”
“After trying every diet imaginable my last resort was liposuction but to no avail. I ended up with fat pockets in areas I hadn't previously had trouble with. Still searching but doubtful, I found Custom Body Contour and have been very pleased with the results that not only I have seen but others have commented on. I highly recommend this treatment and am sure others will also appreciate Vickie's integrity and awesome customer service.”
“Vickie is wonderful and the treatment awesome!!"
My situation: I had twins and HORRIBLE stretch marks on my belly. Enough so that I only wore a bikini in my backyard. I also have some "extra" skin and have been considering a tummy tuck (but the cost and pain...ugh). I got a flyer for this in the mail and went in for a consultation. Vicki spent a ton of time with me, answered ALL my questions, and was very honest about what I could expect. I really noticed a huge difference in the tone of my skin and the stretchmarks (which are seriously almost undetectable). Even though I will always have a little "extra" skin, after the third treatment, I wore a bikini to a public pool! I would say that is SUCCESS. I was so happy with the results I am going back to treat the "dimpling" on the back of my legs. Can't wait!”
“If you are looking for a healthy way to lose fat and inches then I highly recommend Custom Body Contour in Scottsdale. The environment is calming but technologically advanced - Using ultrasound and radio frequency on the abdomen, the staff combines professionalism and education to help clients feel pampered. I have worked in the healthcare field for more than two decades and I know there is no "magic bullet" for getting fit, but my experience from the very first treatment made me an advocate of this service. I lost 3 inches in three different areas of my stomach, permanently! After four treatments I am down more than a dozen inches total and find clothes fit differently. A bonus is the confidence I feel about my appearance too. I recommend CBC without reservation.”
“I first visited Custom Body Contour in February of this year. I had treatments on my outer thighs and hips. With the first treatment there was a noticeable improvement in cellulite --- much smoother and a greatly improved appearance. I had a total of 6 treatments on the area. Afterward I went on a diet and lost about 10 pounds (I'm not a big person, 5'2" and 103 lbs. now). While I didn't see a change in the measurement of my hips and thighs during the time I was undergoing treatments, with time and the small weight loss I had a very noticeable loss of inches in the treated area. I've had comments from all the trainers at the gym, as well as from friends and family. I am now having additional treatments on both the previously treated area and other areas.”
“I have been very happy with Vickie's service and professionalism, as well as the availability of convenient appointment times. The cost is very reasonable! Everyone at the facility is friendly and helpful. I would highly
recommend Custom Body Contour of Scottsdale!”
“Vickie and her treatments are AMAZING! I started out @ size 18 and now… I'm size 10!”
“Hi Vickie! I just wanted to thank you for yesterday. I enjoyed the service so much and you both were so warm and welcoming. I can't wait to start my facial pkg. I also can't wait to tell my friends and clients so they can all feel as good as I do. My tummy is even flatter this morning!! You ROCK!!! Hugs to you. See you Monday.”
"I recently was referred to Custom Body Contour of Scottsdale for skin tightening. Vicki is fabulous. She is very caring, honest and upfront."
Jo C. 1/24/14

Body Contouring in Scottsdale, AZ

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